Letting go of Python 2 and Django 1

Time has come... Django itself as well as several major Django libraries have gone thru this step!
Starting today, the libraries we maintain will drop official Python 2 and Django 1 support!

What's gonna happen?

All of the libraries we currently maintain have been stuck in the 0.9.x realm for a long time.
As of next week, we will start releasing 2 new versions for those libraries.

  • A 1.0 version. That version will officially mark the last version that supports Python 2 and Django 1. That version branch will keep receiving bugfixes but, unless you are a paying customer, new features will no be ported to that branch and no support will be added for newer Django releases.
  • A 2.0 version. This version will become the current master and the only branch that will keep receiving bugfixes and new features.

Also, the 0.9.x branch was a bit special as things were still considered as in "heavy development". The 2 new branches will be sticking strictly to SemVer

Note that, during this cleanup effort drf-schema-adapter will also drop support for DRF <3.8.

What does it mean for you?

This doesn't change much for you if you're already using Django 2.
If you are still using Django 1, this means you'll have to use the 1.0 version of the library(ies) you're currently using. That version will keep working as expected for you.